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Registered Charity No. 1118695
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About Us

To help provide for the sustainable maintenance of medical equipment through provision of training programmes for the recipients.

The charity is particularly concerned with the lack of trained technicians and engineers in many developing countries. Often, equipment is not usable because of quite simple faults, which can be easily rectified with the minimum of resources, but the expertise does not exist. It is therefore crucial that training is provided. The charity assists in developing training programmes by a number of means, either sponsoring UK engineers to visit hospitals in order to develop training programmes and train personnel, or providing funding for existing medical engineering departments to upgrade training facilities, offer apprenticeships and sponsor training courses.

The Trustees
Mike Hilditch FNAVA - Chairman
Nicky Hilditch DCRT
Richard Ball FIH
Dr Tom Simpson

Programme Director - Martin Worster 
Chief Medical Engineer - Roger Sanders 

Charity Accountant - Harvey Strutt MAAT 
Charity Co-ordinator - Alex Sanctuary
How can I help?
How can I help?
Your help is crucial to the smooth operation of the Amalthea Trust.