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Current Projects

21 Aug 2018
The Trust's Second Summer at Tegbareid College, Addis Ababa.
Satish Thakar and Ray Emslie have recently returned from Addis Ababa where they have been volunteering for the Amalthea Trust in the TVET Training The Trainers programme, under the aegis of CINOP Global. This is the second time we have worked on this project and on this occasion Satish covered all things to do with X Ray machines, whilst Ray covered several items of medical equipment, from Dialysi ...

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30 May 2018
Urgently Seeking Volunteers - July / August 2018
None of the Amalthea Trust’s success would be possible without the efforts of medical engineers here in the UK, and we are now urgently seeking volunteers to assist in the provision of the following training sessions.

•    Ethiopia - Two weeks on anaesthetic machines and ultrasound systems (practical work only) - End of July / Beginning of August (dates to be finalis ...

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05 Apr 2018
A volunteer’s trip to Fort Portal International Nursing School (FINS), Uganda, March 2018,
Well, it wasn’t a very auspicious start to my journey.  The BBC news was full of dramatic stories of accidents, travel chaos, school closures, train and flight cancellations, and people being stranded due to the cold weather and very heavy snow falls.  I decided to quickly rearrange my travel plans to arrive at Heathrow the night before my flight to make sure I didn’t miss it ...

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28 Nov 2017
Volunteering opportunities for Qualified BMETs in Uganda and Ethiopia.
The Autumn Semester of 2017 for the Kyambogo University BME Diploma programme has just recently come to an end, with Jas Bilkhu returning back to the UK after overseeing the work of two of our volunteers there. The class sizes were largest ever on this increasingly popular course in Uganda, and having 34 students in the room was a challenge for all concerned. Nevertheless, this programme carries o ...

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11 Sep 2017
Conclusion of Summer 2017 Ethiopia Programme
This summer the Trust sent 2 highly experienced volunteers, Ian Crummey and Ray Emslie, for two weeks each to the Tegbareid Technical College in Addis Ababa to train a class of 22 trainee lecturers in the practicalities of maintenance, fault finding and repair on a wide range of medical devices. This was a new departure for us, and has pointed the way ahead for the Trust as a sub-contractor to oth ...

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12 Jun 2017
Amalthea Trust are going to Ethiopia this summer
Some months ago we were approached by the Dutch Development organisation CINOP who have asked us to send two volunteers to Tegbareid Polytechnic in Addis Ababa this coming July/August to provide some practical hands-on training to some of their own BME Trainers there. This is all part of a national initiative to promote the teaching of Biomedical Engineering in Ethiopian colleges which has seen si ...

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15 Nov 2016
So what's it like to volunteer?
Earlier this year a professional film maker followed the work of two of our volunteers for a week at Kyambogo University, and managed to capture what it is really like to volunteer for the Amalthea Trust. Follow the link to see the excellent video that he produced for us. If you are interested in volunteering with us, but are at all apprehensive about teaching in Africa, then you need to see this. ...

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14 Nov 2016
New Projects: In-Service Training Programme for Ugandan BMETs
The intention is to use our volunteers to instigate and establish, over 3 years, an on-going course of 6 in-service training sessions per year to BMETs currently already working in clinics and hospitals around Uganda. Many of these Technicians have only the most basic training in general electrical engineering and lack the specific knowledge and skills necessary to deal with anything but the most ...

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14 Nov 2016
New Projects: Fortportal International Nursing School
The Amalthea Trust has been asked to make use of our volunteers in training nurses and midwives in the correct use and care of frequently used pieces of medical equipment at a nursing college in the very poorly resourced West of Uganda: the Fortportal International Nursing School. Experience shows that a significant number of breakdowns of medical equipment is caused by their incorr ...

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05 Oct 2015
Here We Go Again!
This time next week, our volunteer engineers will be heading out to Uganda again to mark the start of the autumn half of this year's training course. With more and more successful graduates every year, we can't wait to meet this year's students and to teach them as much about biomedical engineering as possible! 

The topics covered this time follow a similar pattern to last year, and include th ...

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22 Sep 2014
Back to Uganda
Steven Daglish has flown out to Uganda with the first of our volunteers, Andy Collins, to teach the Biomedical Electronics module. Andy is a new volunteer but has shown so much enthusiasm and settled in so well that you wouldn't believe this is his first time! Furthermore, though he may be a new teaching volunteer, he has already helped us monumentally, by writing up a significant portion of the E ...

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03 Apr 2014
Return to Kyambogo
On Sunday, our Project Manager, Steven, flew out to Uganda to begin our new term at Kyambogo University. It’s thanks to people like Steven and the volunteers that the course has been so successful in the past and we can’t wait to see the results of this year’s training sessions! The topics that will be covered over our time in Uganda over the next few weeks will be Ultrasound and ...

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25 Nov 2013
Chairman's Report
In October, fellow trustee, Martin Worster, and I visited Uganda to see how the Kyambogo University Biomedical Engineering course was progressing, as well as taking the opportunity to visit a couple of hospitals and Makerere University. We were visiting for just 3 days and so had to pack in as much as possible including an evening party for past and present students.
We have been supporting t ...

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15 Nov 2013
Even More Employment Success!
The Amalthea Trust is always on the lookout for people who would like to help us in what we do, readily encouraging participation in the charity for those who want to get involved. This week in particular we have been very happy to receive a lot of interest from people wanting to volunteer for our cause and have had several meetings with them; hopefully we’ll be welcoming them to the team so ...

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01 Nov 2013
Employment Success!
The Amalthea Trust was delighted to receive an email from one of our recent graduates informing us that she has been offered a job at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital as a Biomedical Engineer. We are very proud of her and thrilled to witness one of our graduates take on an active role in the healthcare sector. The presence of Amalthea graduates in hospitals will facilitate a move towards the develo ...

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25 Oct 2013
A Week of Ideas & The Trustees Pay A Visit
This has been the 4th week of our current 5 week training session at Kyambogo University and we have had plenty of visitors come along to see the work we are doing, including two of our trustees, Mike Hilditch and Martin Worster. We were also delighted to meet George Tolley, the next Trust volunteer, who will be teaching two of his specialist topics in the next couple of weeks.
Whilst there a ...

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18 Oct 2013
Group Projects & Uganda UK Health Alliance Launch
At the University this week, we have been working on the students’ group projects, witnessing their problem solving abilities and helping them improve their practical skills. As always, it is very rewarding to see the progress they are making and to know we are helping them achieve their goals.
On Tuesday, we attended the Ugandan Launch of the Uganda UK Health Alliance, a network of org ...

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11 Oct 2013
Visit To Zambia
It has been a busy few days for Steven, who left Uganda and arrived in Lusaka, Zambia on Sunday in order to discuss two Biomedical Engineering courses. The purpose of the trip is to assist global health organisation, THET (Tropical Health & Education Trust) with the setup of their workshop for their Biomedical Engineering training program. After the meeting in Lusaka, Steven visited Nortec Col ...

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04 Oct 2013
Good To Be Back!
After the success we experienced at Kyambogo University in April, we are delighted to have begun the first week of the current Autumn training session. This week, we have been covering Biomedical Electronics and giving the students a choice of which projects they need to complete as part of their diploma course. Whilst the module is being covered by Jas Bilkhu, Steven Daglish has been sharing his ...

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27 Sep 2013
Preparations Have Begun...
We have been very busy over the last few weeks organising the details for the upcoming autumn training session at Kyambogo University. The training session will be similar to the one that we did in April and we are looking forward to it being just as successful. In addition to this, flights have been arranged for our volunteers and we are thrilled to have them aboard helping us out.
Be sure t ...

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