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30 May 2018
Urgently Seeking Volunteers - July / August 2018
None of the Amalthea Trust’s success would be possible without the efforts of medical engineers here in the UK, and we are now urgently seeking volunteers to assist in the provision of the following training sessions.

•    Ethiopia - Two weeks on anaesthetic machines and ultrasound systems (practical work only) - End of July / Beginning of August (dates to be finalised)

•    Uganda -  One or Two weeks on lab equipment maintenance at the National Blood Bank in Kampala (autoclaves, centrifuges, blood analysers, refrigerators, etc.) - 30th July 2018 - 10th August 2018

If you are confident of your knowledge in either one of these fields and would like to volunteer, then please let us know that you are keen to join us as soon as possible, so that we can finalise preparations. We'd love to hear from you, so please send any correspondence to Programme Director Martin Worster (

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