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Amalthea Trust on the BBC about possibly working in Jamaica

Martin Worster joined BBC Radio West yesterday evening for a brief account of the work of the Amalthea Trust. It was part of a series of short articles looking at charitable work going on in that region of the UK, and the focus was on the potential new project in Jamaica which has been on the backburner for a few months now. Martin had only a few minutes to answer questions from the presenter, but it was a little bit of exposure for us, and it all helps to 'spread the word'. Although this was part of a slot looking at what's going on in Jamaica around the funding work of the Angel Foundation, who plan to be behind any future work we may do in that country, we have also been promised a slot of our own on the programme in a few weeks time. We'll try to give you some warning here so that you can tune in!

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