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The Autumn Semester of BME Practicals at Kyambogo University

September/October in 2018 saw a team of 6 volunteers head out to Kyambogo University in order to deliver the Autumn semester of practical sessions over 6 weeks to the students of both the diploma and the new bachelor's courses in Biomedical Engineering.

The two courses were taught in parallel with each volunteer covering a two week module in an area of the course, be it Ultrasound or Electrical Safety Testing and Management of Medical Devices. Several of our now experienced team went out, including Satish Thaker who has now been volunteering with us on a regular basis for nearly 10 years!

The other repeat volunteers were Simeon Beaumont, Dave Robinson, Terry Timmons and Andy Collins, all of which have been out on several occasions (although it was Dave's first time at Kyambogo), and Dave McHugh rounded off the team with his first spell of volunteering for the Trust.

All 6 made outstanding contributions in the very best traditions of volunteering, and we would like to thank all of them for giving up their time and energy in pursuit of the improvement of Biomedical Engineering in Uganda. Here are just a few photos of some of them in action.

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