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Building Capacity in BME in Lusaka, ZAMBIA

This program is a combination of skills training with the BME students from Evelyn Hone College in Lusaka and CPD for working BMEs at a number of hospitals in Lusaka and other areas of Zambia.

Evelyn Hone College, Lusaka

key facts

This exciting new program, although ready to start in 2021 was put on temporary hold while the World battled with the COVID 19 Pandemic. However, as of 10th October 2022 we started sending out volunteers to Lusaka to run practical sessions for a selection of the final year BME Diploma students, together with in-service Biomedical Engineers from around the country, at Evelyn Hone College. We sent three experienced volunteer Biomeds out in this first four-week semester, covering fault finding, repair and maintenance of Anaesthetic machines, Oxygen concentrators, Patient Monitors, Defibrilators, and Electro-diathermy. There were also sessions in electrical safety testing and a range of other relevant topics in electronics. Our thanks to Delroy Gray, Luciano Piccinini and Ray Emslie for their excellent work, and to the BME team at Evelyn Hone for their support and assistance throughout. 

Then in September 2023 we sent a further four volunteers out for a total of one month to address training needs identified by in-service BioMedical Engineers within Zambia. This in-service training covered X-Ray, Ultrasound, Anaesthetic Machines and Patient Monitoring.



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