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An ongoing collaboration started in 2011 working with students on the Universities ground breaking Biomedical Engineering Diploma course. Learn all about it below.

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key facts

  • Active twice yearly since 2011

  • 15 to 30 students graduating each year from the two-year program

  • 350+ hours of practical training delivered every year

  • Over 95% of graduates get employed as BMEs

  • 5 volunteer engineers placed on-site each year.


Our volunteers run a total of 5 modules of intensive hands-on practical training for the BME Diploma students, each of them two weeks long, covering a range of devices associated with topics like Patient Monitoring, Cardiovascular, X-Ray, Ultrasound, Medical Gases and Anaesthesia, and Management of Medical Devices and Electrical Safety Testing. The emphasis is very much on the transfer of practical skills and experience from these British and European BMEs working at the front line of their nation's respective health services. This is done in a BME laboratory fitted out by the Amalthea Trust especially for this purpose on the main campus of Kyambogo University in Kampala.


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