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A Week of Ideas & The Trustees Pay A Visit

This has been the 4th week of our current 5 week training session at Kyambogo University and we have had plenty of visitors come along to see the work we are doing, including two of our trustees, Mike Hilditch and Martin Worster. We were also delighted to meet George Tolley, the next Trust volunteer, who will be teaching two of his specialist topics in the next couple of weeks. Whilst there are still two weeks left of the course, we are also beginning to look to the future; meetings were held on Tuesday and Wednesday to discuss how the trust can continue to help Kyambogo University after the current project comes to an end in addition to extending our help to other institutions within the country. Furthermore, we are in the early stages of collating all of our teaching material so it is readily available for students and lecturers should they need it. In short, this has been a great week of ideas for the Amalthea Trust, and we are going to work hard to see them develop!

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