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All Set for Ethiopia Once Again

Two of our most experienced volunteers are getting ready to fly out to Ethiopia for the second installment of the Amalthea Trust'a participation in the training-of-trainers programme at Tegbareid Technical College in Addis Ababa. Satish Thakar will be doing hands-on work with X-Ray equipment, and Ray Emslie will be covering a range of devices including Haemodialysis machines. The Trust was approached last year by the Dutch organisation CINOP Global precisely because of our access to the huge resource of expertise and experience residing in the Biomedical Engineering Departments of British hospitals, and we are very pleased to be able to help Ethiopia in its quest to improve health care delivery in that country through the setting up of BME Diploma courses in Polytechnics across all seven states.  We are always looking for volunteers to get involved in projects like this, so if your interest has been piqued do please contact us.

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