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Amalthea Trust are going to Ethiopia this summer

Some months ago we were approached by the Dutch Development organisation CINOP who have asked us to send two volunteers to Tegbareid Polytechnic in Addis Ababa this coming July/August to provide some practical hands-on training to some of their own BME Trainers there.

This is all part of a national initiative to promote the teaching of Biomedical Engineering in Ethiopian colleges which has seen six new courses open there in the last 12 months or so. Their own trainers lack the practical experience necessary to teach these diploma courses effectively, so we have been invited in to help.

We had a great response to our general request sent out to NHS BME Departments and in the end had six excellently qualified engineers volunteering to go. It is exactly this sort of generous response that allows the Trust to do what it does, and we are extremely grateful to all of those who offered their time. In the end we chose Ian Crummey and Ray Emslie to go out, but we very much hope that the others will volunteer for the Uganda programme.

A few weeks ago Martin returned from a fact-finding trip to Addis Ababa to meet the key stakeholders, tour the impressive facilities at Tegbareid, and do a risk assessment for our volunteers who will be working there. It now all looks good to go, and we'll do our best to follow what happens in this section of the website over the next few months.

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