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Amalthea Trust at the EBME 2021

On June 30th the EBME Conference 2021 took place at the Milton Keynes Arena in the UK, and it was great to be a part of this big annual event in the BME calendar. Of course we used to take these sorts of big conferences for granted before the days of COVID19 and it was touch and go whether or not it would go ahead, having been cancelled last year. In the event it did, with record numbers of people signing up to either have stalls or attend as delegates. As in past years we had a piggy back from Hilditch Group and were based on their stand, with a gratifying amount of interest generated by Martin's short 'update' on our work as the very first speaking event of day 1.

Many thanks to the organisers for giving us the platform, and to all of the engineers who came to talk to us wanting to get involved in helping to tackle the critical shortage of properly trained Biomedical Engineers in Sub-Saharan Africa. Many good contacts were made, and quite a few prospective volunteers were added to our data base. It was a good day!

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