Amalthea Trust at the Global Health Forum 2018 in Geneva

The Trust was represented at the 3 day Global Health Forum in Geneva last week by Martin Worster, who also attended the annual meeting of the European Network on Medical Engineering in Low-income Countries on the 11th April which took place at the Geneva International Conference Centre as one of the many side-meetings. Each of the organisations represented gave a short presentation to bring our partner organisations up to date on what has transpired since the previous meeting in Paris, and we then discussed ways forward as a pressure group to both promote and address the issue of low capacity of Biomedical Engineering in Low-income countries, as well as various issues surrounding the donation of medical equipment to such countries. We also heard in some detail about the work of BTC in Rwanda, and Medecins Sans Vacances in Congo. Organisations from 7 european countries were represented, with the Amalthea Trust the only one from the UK, and the meeting was also attended by Adriana Velasquez Berumen of the WHO. Advocating for these issues is another way that the Amalthea Trust is trying to address the burning issues surrounding low capacity of Biomedical Engineering in Developing Countries.

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