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Collecting BME data on your mobile for FREE.

We have recently been discussing possible applications for the new APP developed by Medical Aid International, which is explained below by their Medical Advisor Dr Roy Fuller.

" Medical Aid International is pleased to announce the launch of its FREE biomedical engineering data collection programme which enables Biomedical Engineers in any country to collect data about the service they provide and get feedback on the quality of repairs, allowing them to demonstrate the effectiveness of their service.

The Biomedical Engineer enters some simple data about the repair and then once the repair is complete the programme sends an email to the person who requested the repair to ask for their feedback. The programme is available as a web-based tool or as an android app which can be used offline and automatically uploads when the user is back online.

The programme contains a reporting function to allow local reports to be generated and an automated organisational report which can be used, for example to demonstrate the effectiveness of a training programme such as the Medical Aid International Online Biomedical Engineering Programme

For further details or if you or your organisation would like to start using the data collection programme please email "

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