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Mr Ben Johnson: BMET Diploma (Ultrasound Systems)

I have been back for a month after the experience of a lifetime, an experience I would do again tomorrow and one I would recommend to anybody!

What is this experience?

I had the opportunity to travel to Kampala, Uganda with the charity The Amalthea Trust - this organisation offers training, equipment, tools, parts and of course money to support Medical Engineering in developing countries like Uganda and Ethiopia!

The training was on Ultrasound and although I had reservations it is a subject I know well and was confident two weeks wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to teach ultrasound for!

I enjoyed 14 days with some wonderful students, all sincere and eager to learn.

We visited a hospital to the west which was an eye opener but a brilliantly insightful experience!

After this the students took an exam, designed by myself and all 32 of them passed, one student achieving 100%!

I could write a novel here but please guys consider doing this kind of thing! There are far too few of us willing and able but if you are then DO IT!

Check out The Amalthea Trust and seriously consider giving your time (and maybe even your money!) to this great cause - Remember, without Medical Engineering there can be no quality of Healthcare!

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