Mr Dave Robinson: training student nurses at FINS

I have just returned from a week in Fort Portal, Uganda, training student nurses in their final year on the care and use of medical equipment.  The Amalthea Trust organised everything brilliantly so that my journey to Uganda, accommodation, and transport to and from the school of nursing all went smoothly. 

I was supported the whole time and would have no concerns about returning.  The students were very welcoming and grateful for the training we provided.  The hospital in which they work has very little in the way of ‘modern’ medical equipment (one infusion pump for the whole hospital of approx. 1000 patients!) so they have little opportunity to get hands-on experience of medical equipment and were excited and enthusiastic to operate the equipment that the Amalthea Trust had donated to the school of nursing.

I think I learnt from them probably as much as they learnt from me.  I can thoroughly recommend becoming a volunteer, and making a difference in such an under resourced country.

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