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Recent Travels and Covid 19

Having just returned myself from a one week scoping visit to Zambia for our up-coming new program there in partnership with the Tropical Health Education Trust, I can really identify with how our colleagues in Biomedical Engineering within sub-Saharan Africa are going to be very much in the front line, alongside the Doctors and nurses, when the virus eventually takes hold there. Never before has the need for, and critical importance of, properly trained and supported BMEs been so apparent to all concerned, and our thoughts and prayers must go out to all of those men and women hard at work both on and off the wards and ICUs in their efforts to keep the equipment running. This of course also applies to our very own volunteers here in the UK and Italy, as well as BMEs everywhere, who are once again un-sung heroes behind the scenes in all of our hospitals as this terrible drama unfolds. Please stay well, and rest assured that you are uppermost in our thoughts.

This last weekend we had two volunteers and our own Jas Bilkhu returning from sucessfully completing their work in Uganda at both Kyambogo and FINS. Rather too close for comfort given burgeoning travel restrictions. We will obviously revue any future placements in the light of developments in the ongoing Pandemic.

Martin Worster, Program Director.

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