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Return to Kyambogo

On Sunday, our Project Manager, Steven, flew out to Uganda to begin our new term at Kyambogo University. It’s thanks to people like Steven and the volunteers that the course has been so successful in the past and we can’t wait to see the results of this year’s training sessions! The topics that will be covered over our time in Uganda over the next few weeks will be Ultrasound and X-rays, as well as two weeks of technician training. As always, we’d like to recognise the volunteers that are out in Uganda with us this month, and say a big thank you to them for helping us to achieve our goals as a charity. If you have not previously volunteered with us before and would like to get involved (or if you have but would like to again), then don’t hesitate to contact us at   For more information as it happens, please visit our various social media pages on Facebook and


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