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Volunteering opportunities for Qualified BMETs in Uganda and Ethiopia

The Autumn Semester of 2017 for the Kyambogo University BME Diploma programme has just recently come to an end, with Jas Bilkhu returning back to the UK after overseeing the work of two of our volunteers there. The class sizes were largest ever on this increasingly popular course in Uganda, and having 34 students in the room was a challenge for all concerned. Nevertheless, this programme carries on, and the University will soon be coming to us to ask for help with teaching their new Bachelor's Degree course in BME, so there will be even more volunteering possibilities in 2018. In addition to Kyambogo, the Amalthea Trust will be returning to Fortportal International Nursing School in Western Uganda to do more user training for the final year student nurses and midwives there. If you would like to volunteer with us, and are a fully qualified and experienced Biomedical Engineer or Technician, then please do get in touch via the contact page on this website.

Having recieved excellent feedback from Tegbareid Technical College in Addis Ababa after our work there this summer, we have also been asked to return there in the summer of 2018 to repeat the training-the -trainers course backed by CINOP Global. Once again, do please get in touch if you are able to contribute to that.

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